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  1. Jeb, it is a stupid article, and it pains me that you don't see.

    the woman in seattle is in hiding because we have a 1% muslim population. as that population grows, we will come under increasing pressure to "respect" this ideology of political dominance. the pressure will also increase on "moderate" muslims; that is, on people who don't take the religion too seriously, but who will generate sons or grandsons who will.

    it occurs to me that some of your readers may not know much about this ideology or the importance of mohammed, a man whose behavior — rapes and savagery included — is the model of behavior for all time.

    islam itself — not "extremist islam" — is an ideology that cannot be tamed. its adherents should not be welcome here, and a more self-confident and moral nation would understand what is stake.

    my guess is that you have relatives who are muslim, and that matt does not. given the falseness with which you present the issue, you remind me of the beltway sniper, with matt as your less gung-ho confederate.

    you are trying to un-warn a society that is waking to the danger. your effort is immoral and foolish — the opposite of what you imagine it to be.

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  4. here's an article that's more important than kristof's babble:

  5. Sadly, joven's comments make more sense than Jeff's…

  6. well reasoned, mr. robinson.

    here's a letter that reminds us of the fundamental trouble we're in:

    a letter from the International Free Press Society