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Response Fail

I’m sure Hamas’s public reaction to Bin Laden’s death is being driven primarily by domestic considerations, particularly given the flak it’s taken from some quarters for cutting a deal with Fatah, but if the group was hoping to gain tacit American acceptance of said deal, this is a really terrible way of doing so.

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  1. Yes, Hamas doesn't always say the right thing. If only they would hide their intent; it would be so much more … astute.

    And if America were smarter, she would empower Hamas to do all the good things that normative Islam requires.

    Here's a "quick hit" you never mentioned, from an AP report of 26 April 2011.


    CAIRO: A poll conducted by a US-based center has shown that a majority of Egyptians believe laws in their country should follow the teachings of Islam's holy book, the Quran.

    The survey reflects a shift toward religious conservatism. It also shows Egyptians are open to the inclusion of religious parties in a future government, although only 31% of them sympathize with Muslim fundamentalists.

    *** end quote ***

    Only 31 percent!

    We have a problem. The solution begins with a realistic appraisal of a faith and culture that are different from and incompatible with our own.

    You still accept that faith and culture as positive or at least redeemable; but I have to wonder if Laura Logan is thinking differently now. To paraphrase an amusing comment of hers: "I thought that if I screamed, these men would realize that what they were doing was wrong."