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Quick Hit: Abuminah on PADICO

I don’t share Ali Abuminah’s reflexive skepticism toward the very concept of a Palestinian state, nor do I generally share his perspective on the evils of “neoliberal” economics (I hate the imprecision of that term in particular). I’m also willing to grant that state-building means concentrating capital and, historically speaking, that tends to be an elite-driven process, not a democratic one. That said, his criticisms of the Palestinian Development and Investment Company, and the lack of transparency, potential for cronyism, and inherent conflicts of interest therein, are worth a read.

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  1. Neo-Liberalism was created by conservative corporatists, and places neo-liberals at odds with genuine liberalism – the cause of greatest equal liberty, which explains why right wing liberals in Canada nixed a democratic renewal package, refused to finance ads in the last week of the election – despite having the money – and then voted for the Conservatives.
    Canadians need a New Liberal Party, without corporatists.