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Quick Hit: Stay Classy Gainesville Times

I must say, if I were the editor of a local news organization and some wingnut wrote me a letter advocating ethnic cleansing in the United States, I’d probably decline to publish said letter. The good people at the Gainesville Times evidently have different standards.

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  1. Jeff, you know I'm generally pretty loose with the comments, and that one was a close call, but in the context of this post had to go.

  2. The deleted post began with a question — "What is wrong with stating conclusions based on human experience?" — and ended with a 1938 quote from Hillaire Bulloc.

    Something here was threatening to your understanding of the world, and perhaps beyond your ability to rebut. You responded as the European leftists do; not in the American tradition at all.

  3. My problem was that you implicitly expressed support for ethnic cleansing, however orthogonally. I consider that to be beyond the pale of acceptable discourse and not something I'm interested in debating on this site.

  4. I take this to mean that you are willing to address

    (a) a change in immigration law: a sovereign state can choose its future citizens based on criteria that further the interests of existing citizens.

    (b) a change in the First Amendment to address religions that are inherently dangerous, although you insist that Islam is not such a religion.

    I understand you to be saying that, once in place, members of a population cannot be moved, per the post-WWII sense of what is just. And this is not negotiable.

    The sad thing is, you have no objection to the continued and perhaps even accelerated Muslim immigration into the West. You don't see a problem with it.